About Us

The church is not a building
The church is not judgement
The church is not a weapon
The church is real people like you

What We Believe

There are lots of buildings and systems and structures connected with every church. There is a lot of business and a lot of busy-ness that goes on. But none of those things make up the church. The church is the people. We do our best to remember that here at First Presbyterian of Marion. We believe that:

1. Church isn’t about rules and doctrine…it’s about relationships.
2. Following Jesus means loving God and our neighbors as much as ourselves.
3. It’s ok to have questions and doubts.
4. It’s ok to not be ok.
5. We are called to seek answers and healing together.
6. We all bear the image of God so EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

The church is the people, and ALL people are welcome here. No really, EVERYONE!

What We Value







Our Vision

Internally Nurturing
Externally Serving

Our Mission

Jesus challenged the status quo by welcoming all people, loving all people, caring for all people, and accepting all people. We seek to follow his example by loving God and our neighbors as much as we love ourselves. We do this through engaging worship, deepening our relationship with Jesus and each other, and transforming our neighborhood, community, and world through ministry and by sharing the good news of Jesus.

Our History

Small but mighty, FPC Marion emerged from just 9 members in the frontier community of Marion in 1842. Our sanctuary building is registered with the National Register of Historic Places. We are proud that our beautiful building is historic, but it’s the people that make the church. And our congregation has always been focused on loving everyone without limitation, and invested heavily in outreach and helping our community. Come join the fun!