Adult Education

Adult Small Groups

Three to 4 times a year, Adult Small Groups form to discuss anything from the Bible to current issues facing Christianity to what it means to follow Jesus. Other small groups are held in the Christmas and Easter seasons that focus on special studies...usually around a book the congregation is encouraged to read together. During these seasons, worship at FPC often carries the theme that is being studied in the adult groups.

Information about upcoming groups will be found in the Sunday bulletin and monthly church newsletter. Groups will always meet Sunday mornings at 10:10 a.m. with other nights of the week also available. If you would like to participate, lead a small group, or host a group led by someone else, please contact the Church Office.

To Affinity and Beyond...

We know it's actually "infinity," but there's no Buzz Lightyear around here. What there are is individuals with different interests and passions. Are you a golfer or woodworker? Do you like wine tasting or playing the ukelele? Chances are, there's someone else in the congregation who enjoys that, as well. Let us help you get connected! We currently have a stamp club and sewing group that meet at the church, but we'd always love to add more. Contact the Church Office and let's make some connections!

Cross-Generational Events

Learning together in a new way! Research has shown that children and youth need five adult connections other than their parents to keep them involved in the church. Children and youth need adult faith role models who are invested in them. That's why we love cross-generational events at FPC!

On six Sunday mornings during the program year, following worship, during the education hour, we invite you to gather in the Social Hall to explore discipleship in a way that brings our “more experienced” members together with a new generation that’s just beginning the journey of faith.

There will be activity centers and displays in which to participate, and there will be Table Talk question guides for those who would rather relax with a cup of coffee or juice. Although we do encourage everyone to participate because it’s a really good time!

Mark your calendars for these cross-generational events:


  • September 11 – Rally Day
  • November 20 – Advent Workshop
  • January 8 – Epiphany Celebration
  • February 26 – Lenten Event
  • April 23 – Earth Day Celebration
  • May 22 – Sunday School Celebration / Pentecost Party